NRM Board communiques

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 NRM Board Meeting - June 2018


  • Discussions with Pastoral Board of SA
  • World heritage nomination
  • Landscape SA legislation
  • Water planning
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 NRM Board Meeting - April 2018


  • Regional NRM Plan Pilot Project
  • Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Review
  • Climate Change Workshop
  • Yabbie Watch
  • Great Tracks Clean Up Crew                                         
  • New Board Appointee                                                                    
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 NRM Board Meeting - December 2017


  • SAAL Sustainable Industries Program
  • WAP Project Plan
  • Great Artesian Basin Strategic
  • Management Plan
  • Presentation by Leigh Creek Energy

 NRM Board Meeting - September 2017


  • Presentation by Nuclear Waste in SA
  • South Australian Dog Fence Board
  • Flora and Fauna of the Cooper-Eromanga Basin
  • Draft Feral Pig and Feral Deer Policies
  • National Landcare Program Workshop
  • Lake Eyre Basin 'SAM' Workshop


 NRM Board Meeting - July 2017


  • Launch of Regional NRM Plan
  • Community Grant Recipients Announced
  • Sponsorship of ARS Conference
  • NRM Business Plan Process
  • Flinders Ranges Word Heritage Nomination

 NRM Board Meeting - May 2017


  • Milestone fo SAAL NRM Plan 2017 - 2027
  • Wild Dog Best Practice Guidelines 
  • Great Artesian Basin SMP Presentation
  • State of the Lake Eyre Basin
  • Impacts of Tourism to the SAAL Region

 NRM Board Meeting - March 2017


  • QLD Water Plan for GAB 
  • Wild Dog Trapper Subsidy
  • Paul Ryan Resilience Presenter
  • Joint AW and SAAL NRM Board Workshop

 NRM Board Meeting - February 2017


  • Progress of SAAL Regional NRM Plan
  • 3 Key Priorities of Kangaroo Management
  • Community Grants Program
  • District NRM Group Field Days