Our region's plan

The activities of the SA Arid Lands Natural Resources Management (SAAL NRM) Board are directed by a Regional NRM Plan (effective 1 July 2017).

The 10-year Strategic Plan (Volume 1)

Underpinned by our community values, the Regional NRM Plan 2017-2027 introduces a new ‘systems approach’ to natural resources management that looks at the interaction of the region’s natural resources – our plants, animals, soil and water – within our landscape and the extent to which they are able to sustain how we live and earn an income.

The Plan:  

  • uses an evidence based, systems approach which shifts the focus from the region’s individual assets – soils, plants, animals, water, industries, people, towns – to consider how they interact as a system, and what is driving change to those systems
  • requires us to work in partnership with our stakeholders and community to hold what may be difficult conversations to navigate that change and to prioritise management actions
  • acknowledges the different views and values that our community holds about the region
  • takes account of new research, policies and legislation, and strengthens our response to climate change.

The Plan also sets up an ongoing process to:

  • work with community on sharing knowledge about how our systems function
  • identify how we want our region to look (good versus bad condition)
  • define what is driving change to our region, districts and ecological systems

The 3-year Business Plan (Volume 2)

A three-year business plan  sets out how the Board will generate and invest its income, including its land and water-based NRM levies, to help it deliver the 10-year Regional NRM Plan through its own activities. The Business Plan also includes Appendix 1: Water Affecting Activities policy which inform and guides the administration of water affecting activities in the region.

The Board directs funding across a number of key areas, working with government, pastoralists, mining and petroleum companies, tourism groups, progress associations, Aboriginal communities, non-government organisations and other community groups to build their capacity to sustainably manage their land.

In addition to providing strategic advice on regional natural resource management issues and priorities, through its business plan, the Board funds on-ground activities which are carried out by Natural Resources SAAL staff.

Public consultation 

The Regional NRM Plan is developed in consultation with the Board's partners - community, industry, government and non-government organisations.  The Board undertook an early campaign to gather community values which now form part of the Board's evidence library and underpin the Strategic Plan. Additionally drafts of both volumes of the Regional NRM Plan were open to a period of formal public consultation. Feedback was considered by the Board and revisions made to the Plan before it was sent to the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation for endorsement along with a copy of the consultation report.