Talking Water in the Far North Prescribed Wells Area (Meeting)
22 November 2019 until 23 November 2019
Information sessions on all things water in the Far North Prescribed Wells Area (FNPWA) will be held in Coober Pedy and Marree. This is a good opportunity for community members and land managers in the FNPWA to discuss water related matters with representatives from the Department for Environment and Water and the SA Arid Lands NRM Board.

North Flinders NRM Group Meeting 54 (Meeting)
26 November 2019
Come along and hear what is happening in relation to Natural Resources Management in the North Flinders District.

SAAL NRM Board Meetings (Meeting)
17 December 2019
Meeting of the SAAL NRM Board

North East Pastoral NRM Group Meeting 33 (Meeting)
18 January 2020
In addition to hearing about Natural Resources Management issues in the North East Pastoral district at this meeting, attendees will also be trained in the FeralScan app, used to track sightings of feral animals.