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The South Australian Government is reforming the way we manage our state's natural resources.

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Sustainable production survey

The SA Arid Lands NRM Board has delivered a range of workshops, field days and training events over the last 5 years to support sustainable production in our region. We'd like to hear from anyone that has taken part in any (or many) of the workshops we've held. Please take a moment to tell us if the programs you've attended have influenced your property management practices. Help us to continue offering relevant and useful training opportunities for you.

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The future of the Great Artesian Basin

Outback communities are invited to shape their future of the Great Artesian Basin with the Strategic Management Plan consultation now open

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Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement Review 

The SAAL community is invited to have a say in the review of the Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement, with a consultation period continuing until 2 May, 2018

The Lake Eyre Basin is one of the largest dryland water systems in the world. Rivers from NSW, Qld, NT and SA contribute flows to the Basin, which has its natural and environmental values largely intact. Although there is some water allocated for irrigation in the upper catchments, the majority of water use is for pastoral industries and mining. The Basin also supports tourism, which is important economically for its outback towns and communities.

The Intergovernmental Agreement was set up by the Australian, Qld, NT and SA governments to ensure a coordinated approach to managing water and other natural resources to minimise impacts on downstream catchment areas and protect the Basin’s unique values. The Agreement also allows for a cross-border approach to engagement with the community and stakeholders, including Aboriginal communities and Traditional Owners.

To ensure it is achieving its objectives, the Intergovernmental Agreement is reviewed every 10 years. A number of recommendations have emerged from the current review which include:
- Possible expansion of the Basin Agreement area to include parts of the catchment in NSW and SA not currently covered by the Agreement.
- Exploring connections between the Lake Eyre Basin and the underlying resource in the Great Artesian Basin.

Visit the Lake Eyre Basin website for more information, and to make a submission.

Water Allocation Plan for the Far North Prescribed Wells

The SA Arid Lands NRM Board is reviewing the Water Allocation Plan (WAP) for the Far North Prescribed Wells Area and is seeking comments and feedback from the community.

The first of three stages of consultation on the revised Water Allocation Plan has commenced with various stakeholders notified about the plan’s review and provided with information and a survey to gather opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of the current plan. 

The initial consultation phase also included a meeting of Traditional Owners in Port Augusta in November 2017 and meetings with the Board’s two district groups included in the Far North Prescribed Wells Area: the Marla Oodnadatta District and the Marree Innamincka District.

Specific issues and policy positions will be discussed through a series of discussion papers and focus group meetings in the second stage of consultation in 2018.   And the final phase will be the statutory consultation on the draft plan, prior to draft plan being presented to the Minister for consideration and adoption by July 2019.

For more information contact David Leek at david.leek@sa.gov.au

Additional consultations 

You can provide input on a range of state-wide topics that are currently open for community consultation. Find out more on the YourSAy website.

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