Baiting north of the dog fence

The Natural Resources SA Arid Lands is responsible for 1080 bait supply within the arid lands region.

North of the dog fence, the dingo is regarded as a legitimate wildlife species. Stable dingo populations are believed to have some benefits for land condition and biodiversity through their regulation of numbers of foxes, cats, rabbits and kangaroos, but they do prey on native wildlife species and livestock. South of the fence, dingoes or wild dogs are declared pest animals.

Landholders north of the dog fence who want baits for dingo control must first submit a Bait Request for Exceptional Circumstances form, which will be assessed by Natural Resources SA Arid Lands, Biosecurity SA and the Pastoral Board.

The turn-around time for this process is 7 days from receipt of your completed form.

Please note that land holders are required to pay the full cost of bait supplied.

You can download a hard copy of the form and fax or post it to Natural Resources SA Arid Lands, or complete the electronic form below.


Click here to view form.


More information

  • Dingo Project Manager
    (08) 8648 5300