Digital access survey results

The results from our digital access survey are now in, and congratulations to Emily Schwark winner of the SAAL goodies prize pack.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and helped us to understand how well you are connected and how we can improve the way we communicate with you. 

We value your opinion and if you would like to continue the digital access discussion we encourage you to send us an email.

Survey snapshot

Overall, the majority of people who responded to our survey are on the internet several times a day, prefer to be contacted by email and are generally happy with their internet speed, though data limits posed some problems during busy times.

Because many of you still value receiving a printed copy of Across the Outback rather than moving to producing only a digital version, we aim to produce two printed editions per year. 

Here is a snapshot of responses to some of our digital survey questions:


What type of internet connection do you have?


How would you compare your internet connection to five years ago?


What Social media channels do you use?


If you follow the Natural Resources SA Arid Lands Facebook page, which of the following do you find it useful for?


How would you like to you receive information from and about SAAL NRM? (select more than one response) 


What is your preferred way to contact SA Arid Lands NRM?


In relation to the Across the Outback publications (print and e-newsletter), what is your preference?


If you'd prefer a printed Across the Outback, how often would you like to receive a copy?