Community grant projects update

Community Grants to deliver on-ground natural resource projects have delivered some fantastic results.The grants were announced by the SA Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board last year, with successful recipients awarded up to $10,000 each to put towards activities including revegetation, pest plant and animal control, water resources management, soil erosion and conservation projects.

The completed grant projects include:

  • Replacement of rabbit proof fences at Koonamore Reserve
  • Community Garden and Arid Explorers Garden in Andamooka
  • Blinman Cactus Control Volunteer Support to assist with control of wheel cactus
  • Soil conservation and erosion control works at Little Balcoracana Catchment
  • Feral cat trapping and monitoring
  • Andamooka School and community revegetation initiative
  • Construction of 20 grazing enclosures to protect the endemic Gawler Ranges Mint Bush (Prostanthera florifera) from grazing herbivores
  • Feral animal control in the Arid Recovery Reserve
  • Aerial goat control in the North East Pastoral District
  • Rabbit control at Billa Kalina
  • Jumping cholla cactus control at Arkaroola

The SA Arid Lands NRM Board also co-funded the purchase and installation of a weather station at William Creek as part of its climate change adaptation strategy, partnering with the Outback Communities Authority and the local community.


A Community Grant assisted with the development of the Andamooka Arid Explorers Garden.