Annual kangaroo survey completed


The annual kangaroo survey took place in June and July and marks 40 years since the survey began. 

Covering more than 230,000 square kilometres the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) survey includes both pastoral and agricultural regions, including the North East Pastoral district, the Riverland, Gawler Ranges, Marla Oodnadatta district and the Flinders Ranges.

While population numbers are still being calculated, historically surveying indicates that kangaroo populations largely respond to climatic conditions, with populations generally decreasing during droughts and recovering in good conditions. DEW’s Kangaroo Management Operations Manager, Tom Gerschwitz, says the declining seasonal conditions over much of the pastoral area are impacting on the high numbers of kangaroos.

Data gathered from the survey will inform the setting of quotas within the commercial harvest area for kangaroos and aids in understanding the effect of environmental conditions on kangaroo numbers.  Survey results will be released later this year.

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