Kingoonya group planning NRM

A community NRM planning workshop was held in Roxby Downs on 27 November 2019 to pilot the use of the Open Standards planning process for identifying district-scale priorities to guide NRM plan implementation.

This special meeting of the Kingoonya NRM group was facilitated by Conservation Management Australia, and was opened to the community, with targeted invites to key stakeholders in the district.

The workshop attracted nine participants including NRM group and community stakeholders from pastoral, conservation and mining sectors. Staff from the PACE and Planning and MERI teams attended to support the workshop delivery and gain experience in delivery of the process.

Participants were stepped through the Open Standards process to build the capacity of the group in:

• considering the degree to which threats affect different values when deciding priorities for strategy development (use of a threat matrix)

• assessing and prioritising key strategies to address locally-relevant issues (as previously identified by the NRM group), using a consistent approach that can be applied to new/ emerging issues in the future

• developing ‘results chains’ that capture clear, measurable objectives relating to each strategy, and desired outcomes that help assess the feasibility of the strategy

• considering the feasibility (financial, technical, ethical or social) of different strategies using a consistent approach.

A workshop summary (including strategies assessed) is being developed and will be provided back to the NRM group, workshop participants and interested parties unable to attend.

A post-workshop debrief with Conservation Management Australia has also occurred and will shape the next steps involved in repeating this process with other NRM groups across the region.