Drought advice

Support and resources for land managers in dry times

The continuing dry period is being felt across the SA Arid Lands region, as well in other areas of the State. While unfortunately there is no magic wand to make it rain, there are a number of services and avenues PIRSA has for assistance that are available to support farm families, businesses and communities as they manage through drought.

Drought Hub: pir.sa.gov.au/drought

PIRSA’s Drought Hub is an easy-to-navigate portal that provides South Australia specific information and resources on health, wellbeing, finance, technical advice, and grants.

Drought Hotline: 1800 255 556

Those who have questions about their circumstances or animal health or welfare can contact PIRSA on the dedicated 24-hour Drought Hotline.

Rural Financial Counselling Service: 1800 836 211 or ruralbusinesssupport.org.au/RFCS/

Delivered by Rural Business Support, the Rural Financial Counselling Service offers independent, confidential and professional business support for primary producers and related agricultural business owners who are experiencing financial difficulties.

The service can help with information about Farm Household Allowance (FHA), RIC loans, Farm Debt Mediation and SACWA financial assistance applications. Support is also available to help people to prepare for lender meetings, plus business analysis and referrals to other services.

Family and Business Support Program

The Family and Business (FaB) Support Program supports the health and wellbeing of communities impacted by weather-related events.

FaB mentors are available to meet and connect individuals, farming families and regional businesses to the appropriate services and programs available. Each mentor is experienced in discussing, addressing and providing advice about the difficult issues that arise as a result of drought.

To connect with John White, FaB mentor in the Arid Lands region, please email: PIRSA.Recovery@sa.gov.au or call John on 0447 787 436

On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate: pir.sa.gov.au/onfarm-water-rebate

The On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate scheme is available for drought affected farmers in South Australia who invest in new on-farm water infrastructure.

Eligible farmers can access a one-off 25 per cent rebate up to $25,000, which can be applied to new purchases and installation of pipes, water storages, water pumps, and de-silting dams. The rebate can also be applied to drilling of new stock water bores and associated infrastructure including desalinisation plants and power supply such as generators. The rebate scheme covers work undertaken from 1 July 2018. The On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme is funded by the Federal Government and delivered by the State Government.