Pastoral Board Moves to PIRSA

 The Pastoral Board now sits under the Department of Primary Industries and Regions rather than the Department for Environment and Water. This means the Pastoral Act (Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989) is now administered under the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development.

The change has also seen the transition of the Pastoral Unit, which supports the Pastoral Board and Minister, to the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA), where it is housed as part of the Rural Solutions SA division in PIRSA’s Adelaide and Port Augusta offices.

Information on the Pastoral Board is now available on the PIRSA website - click here to access all of the information relating to the Pastoral Board and the Pastoral Act.

Pastoral lands are a major agricultural resource for South Australia and as the key economic development agency for the state’s primary industry sector, the transition of the Pastoral Unit to PIRSA brings exciting opportunities for increased collaboration across PIRSA and the pastoral industry.

The Pastoral Board remains committed to working closely with industry partners to identify new industry development opportunities, and to provide efficiencies in pastoral regulation. The Board will continue to hold meetings across the region and updates will be provided regarding community forums to be held in 2019.

To provide feedback or to contact the Board, call the Pastoral Unit at PIRSA on 8429 0333 or email

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