Pastoral Board of SA

Note! The Pastoral Unit has moved to the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA. The new postal address for the Pastoral Unit and Pastoral Board is:

GPO Box 1671, Adelaide, SA 5001.


NEW! A snapshot of the Pastoral Board and its activities in 2018: Year in Review 2018 


The Pastoral Board of South Australia is a statutory authority responsible to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development for the administration of the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989. The objects of the Act are:

  • To ensure that all pastoral land in the State is well managed and utilised prudently so that its renewable resources are maintained and its yield sustained;

  • To provide for: (i) the effective monitoring of the condition of pastoral land; (ii) the prevention of degradation of the land and its indigenous plant and animal life; (iii) the rehabilitation of the land in cases of damage.

  • To provide a form of tenure of Crown land for pastoral purposes that is conducive to the economic viability of the pastoral industry.

  • To recognise the right of Aboriginal persons to follow traditional pursuits on pastoral land.

  • To provide the community with a system of access to and through pastoral land that finds a proper balance between the interests of the pastoral industry and the interests of the community in enjoying the unique environment of the land.

  • To provide for the operation of wind farms on pastoral land, concurrently with the land being used for pastoral purposes.

The Board's strategic direction and priorities are guided by the Board's Strategic Plan.

The operation of the Board is guided by the Board's Governance Charter.

The Board's work on policies is guided by the Board's Policy Framework

For the latest Pastoral Board news, see the Board's communiques.  

The work of the Pastoral Board is supported by the Pastoral Unit.

Board Members

The six Pastoral Board members are appointed for a three year term and come from a range of backgrounds and have extensive knowledge of the administrative, environmental and economic pastoral issues faced in the South Australian pastoral lands.

Geoff Mills (Presiding Member) - Location: Gawler Ranges, contact 8640 4480

Andrea Tschirner - Location: North-east, contact 8091 1613

Mark Fennell - Location: Marla-Oodnadatta, contact 8670 1071

Keith Slade - Location: Flinders Ranges, contact 8648 4861

Ann Barclay - Location: Adelaide, contact 8429 0487

Mark Anderson - Location: Adelaide

Deputy members: Vicki Linton; Leah Feuerherdt; Trevor Naismith; Ann Oldfield; Jenny Treloar; Jeff Foulkes

Meetings & public forums 2019

  • February 28 (Adelaide)
  • May 2 (meeting with regional public forum)
  • June 27 (Adelaide or Port Augusta) 
  • August 29 (Adelaide)
  • October 31 (meeting with regional public forum)
  • December 12 (Adelaide)

Contact us

Pastoral Board of SA
GPO Box 1671
Adelaide SA 5001

Pastoral Board general enquiries
Phone: 8429 0333

Manager Pastoral Unit
Phone: 8429 0792

Lease assessments
Phone: 8429 0365

Lease tenure
Phone: 8429 0792

Public access to pastoral lands
Phone: 8648 5346

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