Pastoral Unit

Note! The Pastoral Unit has moved to the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA. The new postal address for the Pastoral Unit and Pastoral Board is:

GPO Box 1671, Adelaide, SA 5001.


The Pastoral Unit within the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA, supports the Pastoral Board and the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development in administering pastoral leases in accordance with the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989.

Tenure forms

Section 10 and 18 of the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989 allows the Minister and the Pastoral Board to delegate a number of their powers under that Act. The authority to approve transfers, mortgages, easements and sub-leases of pastoral leases (provided they are being transferred and sub-leased for pastoral or associated purposes) has been delegated from the Minister to the Pastoral Unit.

Use these application forms to apply to the Pastoral Unit for approval of the following actions:

Please note that relevant application fee must be paid with lodgement of these forms.

For any enquiries regarding pastoral lease tenure, please phone the Pastoral Unit on 8429 0792 or email:

Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs)

An ILUA is a voluntary but binding agreement between a native title group and landholders about the use of land and waters. These agreements allow all parties to negotiate flexible, pragmatic agreements to suit their particular circumstances.

ILUAs can cover topics such as future development; how native title rights coexist with the rights of other people; access to an area; extinguishment of native title; compensation; employment and economic opportunities for native title groups; cultural heritage management; mining.

If you are a pastoral leaseholder or an indigenous person, you can search whether an ILUA currently exists for your area at the Commonwealth's Native Title Tribunal register at:

For further information on ILUAs:

For further information on ILUAs and pastoral lease land in South Australia, see Division 2A of the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989.  

Public access to pastoral land

Public Access Routes provide for public access over pastoral lease land without the need for travellers to ask permission from the pastoral lessee. There are currently 24 Public Access Routes, spanning more than 650 kilometres, established on pastoral leases in South Australia.  

The consent of the lessee is required before entering a pastoral lease, unless you remain on a public road or public access route.

An Aboriginal person may enter, travel across or stay on pastoral land for the purpose of following the traditional pursuits, however there are some restrictions on where people may camp on a pastoral lease. If an ILUA exists, the agreement may change the rights of access.

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Pastoral Unit address:
GPO Box 1671, Adelaide, SA 5001

Pastoral Board general enquiries:
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Lease tenure:
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Public access to pastoral lands:
Phone: 8648 5346

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