Bore maintenance

Water users in the SA Arid Lands region who have a bore under their care and control are reminded to undertake simple, routine maintenance to reduce risks to water supplies, prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns, and to meet their legal obligations.

Far North Prescribed Wells Area water licensees are legally required under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 to maintain all bores on their property and water licence conditions also require water delivery systems to be closed and water tight.

It is a condition of the Far North Prescribed Wells Area Water Allocation Plan that by 16 February 2019, all landowners/occupiers in the Far North Prescribed Wells Area are compliant, or working through an agreed program of works to become compliant.

Regular maintenance can extend the working life of a bore and reduce ongoing costs by minimising the risk of breakdown.

For pastoralists who require access to water for stock, judicious water management and routine maintenance of bores is also important for forward business planning and for the benefit of local communities and industries.

Over time, inefficient water use can impact on water access for other properties in the Great Artesian Basin due to reduced water pressure.

In recent decades, governments, industry and individuals have invested significantly in bore rehabilitation and installing piped reticulation systems to deliver Great Artesian Basin water efficiently.

It is unlikely that further funding for bore rehabilitation and enclosing water delivery systems will be available from the South Australian or Australian governments.

Legal requirements to maintain bores and licensing conditions requiring closed water delivery systems apply to all pastoralists across the SA Arid Lands region.

The SA Arid Lands NRM Board and Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources are working to ensure that all landowners/occupiers and water license holders within the Far North Prescribed Wells Area are aware of their rights and obligations to water for stock and domestic use.

Further information and resources

Contact us for information on how to meet your licensing and legal obligations, and to find out where further information and support is available.

 The Bore Maintenance Handbook provides information on how to maintain bores and associated infrastructure in good condition. An editable version of the bore maintenance sheet  can be used to advise the Water Resource Monitoring Unit

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