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Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board

Our role

Our Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board is responsible for the development of the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management (NRM) Plan and the Water Allocation Plan. Our Plan is developed and delivered in partnership with the community and stakeholders, and aims to ensure that there is a balance between the needs of people and the environment. Our NRM Plan sets targets for the environment and sustainable use of natural resources in the region, and is delivered by Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula  through a diverse range of programs and projects across the region.

Following 1 July 2020, the Eyre Peninsula NRM Board will be replaced by the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board. For more information visit

Our vision

Our vision for the region is ‘managing natural resources to support ecological sustainability, vibrant communities and thriving enterprise in a changing climate’

Our members

Meet our board members. Read a profile of each of our community based board members. 

Nominate for Board membership

The Board is community-based, meaning that members live in the region. Members are appointed by the Minister for Environment and Water. For further information about vacancies on the Board, please contact us.

Board meetings

The EP NRM Board meetings are held every two months to discuss a range of issues at different locations around the region. Members of the community are welcome to attend as observers. If you would like to attend or make a presentation at any of the upcoming meetings, please contact us.

Meeting minutes

Earlier meeting minutes

Annual report

Earlier annual and independent audit reports

Quarterly Reports

Each year the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board enters into a Service Level Agreement with the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) for the delivery of the Board’s programs, plus services provided by business support and the regional management team.

Details of the Board’s programs can be found in the Board’s Business Plan (2017-2020).

These reports provide a quarterly update of regional projects across Eyre Peninsula, including:

  • Program highlights this period
  • Local government engagement for this period
  • Upcoming priorities for the next period

Please contact us if you would like a copy of any reports prior to this year.