Marine pests

Please report your suspected marine pests observation(s) to your local Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula Officer or directly to Biosecurity SA via Fishwatch (phone 1800 065 522) or through the 'Report' tab on the SA Recreational Fishing app.

Marine pests are a huge threat to the Eyre Peninsula region. They damage the environment by competing with native species for food and space, transporting diseases and reducing the available habitat that native species need to survive and thrive.

Marine pests can be transported by commercial and recreational vessels, attaching themselves to hulls, internal seawater systems, damp spaces or boating gear such as anchors, ropes and buckets. With more than one million recreational vessels in Australia, there is huge opportunity for pests to be inadvertently spread as boats move from one place to another.

It is not just the environment that is at risk; the Eyre Peninsula regional economy relies heavily on aquaculture and fisheries, and many marine pests have the potential to affect the productivity of these industries.

The Australian government recognises introduced marine species as a threat to natural systems and has produced a number of guidelines for the management of particular species like the Northern Pacific sea star Asterias amurensis and the introduced alga Caulerpa taxifolia.

How can you help?

It is important to detect marine pests early because it is almost impossible to eradicate them once they become established. Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula has assisted with the development of a number of publications that can assist you in identifying pest marine species. If you think you may have found a marine pest, Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula officers and Biosecurity SA via Fishwatch (ph 1800 065 522) can also assist with the identification and further management. If you haven't already download the SA Recreational Fishing app, it's a free, handy resource that also gives you the ability to report an Aquatic Pest.

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