Water security

The Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board and the South Australian Government are working with the local community to plan a secure water future for Eyre Peninsula. A number of initiatives are addressing water management and infrastructure planning for the region.

Eyre Peninsula Water Taskforce

The Eyre Peninsula Water Taskforce has been established to identify and assess sustainable water supplies to support economic development on Eyre Peninsula.

The taskforce will meet annually or as otherwise required, to:

1. Encourage future regional planning based on fit-for-purpose and sustainable water supplies that support regional economic development including maximising capture and reuse of storm water and wastewater, water sensitive urban design and innovative and alternative water supply solutions.

2. Inform and receive the annual report on the Supply and Demand Statement for Eyre Peninsula (including SA Water's long term Plan).

3. Understand the current or future threats to water availability and quality.

4. Report back to their respective organisations and communities information presented to the group by member agencies.

The membership of the taskforce includes representatives from the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board; Regional Development Australia – Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula; Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association; the regions Councils; Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources; SA Water and the Environment Protection Authority.

Eyre Peninsula water demand and supply statement

The Eyre Peninsula Demand and Supply Statement outlines the state and condition of all water resources in the region for drinking and non-drinking quality water, lists major demands on these water resources, and identifies likely timeframes when water demand exceeds supply. The original Statement was released in April 2011 and prepared by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) who are responsible for the preparation of regional demand and supply statements and their reviews in all natural resources management regions of South Australia.

New information and assumptions underlying the demand-supply projections are reviewed annually and four annual reviews have been completed for the Eyre Peninsula since the original Statement was released. The reviews found that actual population growth is lower than originally projected and that climate change impacts are expected to be less severe than anticipated in the original Statement. The latest annual review release in November 2015 also found that more groundwater continues to be available due to the ongoing recovery of the groundwater basins in the region. The latest annual review projects that Eyre Peninsula’s drinking water supplies are secure to 2025-26.

The statements and their annual reviews are used to plan for the timing and nature of future demand management and supply options. The statements allow the government and regional leaders to remain vigilant about Eyre Peninsula water security. In accordance with Water for Good, South Australia’s water plan, an independent planning process will be initiated 5 years before the projected shortfall in water supplies is identified by a demand and supply statement. According to Water for Good the Eyre Peninsula Demand and Supply Statement will also be comprehensively reviewed and amended in 2016.

Find out more about water planning for South Australia; regional demand and supply statements including the Eyre Peninsula statement and annual reviews; and a summary brochure about the latest Eyre Peninsula Annual Review.

Long term plan for Eyre Peninsula region

Meeting Future Demand – SA Water’s Long Term Plan for Eyre Region is an initiative of the South Australian Government, through SA Water, to ensure Eyre Peninsula has a secure water supply to meet potential increases in demand for the next 25 years. The Long Term Plan aims to identify sustainable initiatives that can complement a continued emphasis on water conservation and demand management, while enabling the region to grow and develop with water security. SA Water’s Long Term Plan is focused on augmenting SA Water’s assets and guiding capital works programs with the aim of meeting customer’s potable water requirements.

See the SA Water website for further information about the Eyre Peninsula Long Term Plan.

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