Water sensitive urban design

What is water sensitive urban design?

Redesigning parts of our cities and towns stormwater management systems so they resemble a more ‘natural’ water-cycle is called water sensitive urban design. Instead of all of the hard concrete and bitumen surfaces water-sensitive cities and towns find ways to create infiltration basins (soak-in areas), buffer areas, create swales and replant wetlands. These designs are known to help prevent flooding and improve water quality.

What have we achieved?

In 2010 our Coast and Marine program reviewed the stormwater-to-sea outfall points on Eyre Peninsula. This review led to the treatment of stormwater at sites in Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay through water-sensitive urban design structures.  Now Coffin Bay is home to an award winning 'rain-garden' that captures stormwater and reduces the amount of sediment, rubbish and other pollutants reaching the sea.  Plans are now underway to treat more stormwater outfalls with other Councils as funds become available. 

Funding partners

This project is supported by the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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