Saltmarsh Threat Abatement and Recovery Project (STAR Project)

Through the Australian Governments Regional Land Partnerships Funding, Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula will deliver the STAR project from 2019-2023, across the Eyre Peninsula Region.

The project focuses on the Subtropical and Temperate Saltmarsh threatened ecological community and the Hooded Plover, which is on Australia’s top 20 threatened species list.

Eyre Peninsula’s coastline spans 3,292 kms; with 16 coastal embayment's; one third of SA's intertidal samphire habitats; approx. 23% of the national distribution of Temperate Coastal Saltmarsh and approx. 18% of the national Hooded Plover distribution.

The Coastal Action Plan, will be used to prioritise initial on-ground works sites with high conservation value, moderate to high risk and high community visibility.

Priority works will include access management, revegetation, weed management, improving hydrological flows and removing marine debris.

Community engagement activities will be aimed at improving the local communities’ knowledge of habitat utilisation and threatening processes and implementing threat abatement works for the benefit of both the Costal Saltmarsh Threatened Ecological Community and Hooded Plovers.

The project deliverables align with the:

• Eyre Peninsula Regional Natural Resources Management Plan 2017-27

• Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) Approved Conservation Advice for Subtropical and Temperate Saltmarsh

• SA Recovery Plan for Hooded Plover

• Australian Government Threatened Species Strategy

• Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) Approved Conservation Advice for Thinornis rubricollis rubricollis - hooded plover (eastern)

• Migratory Shorebirds Conservation Action Plan 2017 • Eyre Peninsula Coastal Action Plan and Conservation Priority Study (CAP)

Over the next four years (2019 – 2023) the Eyre Peninsula community can get involved through:

• Saltmarsh, Hood Plover and Migratory Shorebird workshops

• On-ground monitoring for migratory shorebirds, Hooded plover counts, Hooded plover breeding monitoring

• On-ground threat abatement actions for hooded plovers

• On-ground threat abatement projects for saltmarsh including rubbish removal, fencing and access projects

• Monitoring of saltmarsh condition and other vegetation communities

• Hydrological flow projects with local government.

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