Meet our board members

Andrew Heinrich

Presiding Member, Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board

As a founding member of the Upper Cygnet Landcare Group, I have a long history of balancing the needs of a successful farming enterprise with caring for our land and native vegetation. I look forward to working with the Kangaroo Island community, the Board and staff to achieve community-led delivery of nature resource management.

Jasper Taylor  


Jasper Taylor

Board Member, Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board

"We live in a beautiful place, on KI.  Managing our natural resources as best we can, with integrity to the benefit of the wider community and for the survival of future generations, means dealing with wickedly complex issues and balancing conflicting interests.

"I have worked in community conservation, providing management support to natural resource scientists, and in business, law and governance.

"Common features have been collaboration - listening, understanding, forming and pursuing mutual goals - and pragmatism; I hope to bring both to my activities with the board."


 NRM Board Member Annette Florance

Annette Florance

Board Member, Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board

“I have been a landholder on Kangaroo Island for more than 22 years. During that time I have been heavily involved in a number of different community groups, biosecurity sub-committees and Community Landcare groups.

“Through these activities, my work with NRKI and gaining an Agricultural Science Degree at the University of Adelaide I have gained a very broad knowledge of primary production and pastoral land management practices which I will utilize during my work on the NRM Board.

“We live on a beautiful Island that caters for the agricultural, ecological and tourism sectors alike. I want to ensure we sustain that careful balance.”




 Jenny Stanton

 Board Member, Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board

"I am a farmers wife and have been an agronomist on Kangaroo Island for 10 years, working alongside farmers to grow crops and pastures. 

"My background in agronomy and decision making for cropping and pasture production has supported farmers to maximise profits by increasing production in conjunction with improving their natural resource base.

"My experience has allowed me to support farmers in best practice soil conservation, weed management and I have actively advocated for no-till and zero till seeding methods.

"I have formed strong relationships with the Kangaroo Island farming community through my membership on both the Agriculture Kangaroo Island (Ag KI) committee and the KI NRM Board Biosecurity Advisory Committee.


David Welford


David Welford

Board Member, Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board

“I am passionate about supporting the local community in achieving sustainability on the home front, including managing water and energy use. 

“With my many years of experience in ecotourism and small business management, I hope to provide further opportunities for the KI NRM Board to strengthen partnerships with the Kangaroo Island tourism industry."



Damian Miley

Executive Officer to the Board

Regional NRM Manager (Kangaroo Island), Department of Environment and Water