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For highlights of the work undertaken and facilitated by Natural Resources Kangaroo Island on behalf of the KI NRM Board and Department of Environment and Water in 2017-18, please see our latest Achievement Report.

Why we track progress

The Kangaroo Island Strategic Natural Resources Management (KI NRM) Plan 2017-2027 sets the strategic direction for managing the Island’s natural resources for the benefit of its social, economic and environmental future.

The Kangaroo Island community along with state and federal funding bodies have an expectation that their investment in natural resources management, through the implementation of the Plan, will lead to desirable outcomes for the environment, society and economy. Demonstrating the results of investment in NRM and improving our management approach will be achieved through a commitment to structured monitoring and evaluation.

The KI NRM Plan spells out a strong commitment to learning and improvement. Developing a learning ‘culture’ requires a shift in mindset to one that sees the issues and uncertainties as opportunities to learn about the nature of those issues, to test solutions, monitor and reflect on the process and refine future management. 

How we track progress

Monitoring has a central role to play in adaptive governance (also known as adaptive decision making) and adaptive management as it gathers the evidence needed to evaluate performance and test our assumptions of how social-ecological systems work. Evaluation needs to answer different questions at different levels and at different scales.

Questions that might be asked include:

  • Were the proposed actions implemented as planned? (audit)
  • Did the proposed actions lead to the changes predicted? (adaptive management)
  • Are our strategies and objectives appropriate? (adaptive management)
  • Was the delivery model effective? Were the right people involved? Was the governance structure appropriate? (adaptive governance).

Well formulated and articulated management questions will support a targeted monitoring program that can directly inform improvements and thereby the achievement of NRM goals and objectives. These questions need to be incorporated into the design of all programs/projects and tracked through specifically chosen Key Performance Measures (KPMs) that provide the necessary evidence to evaluate our performance and implement adaptive management and adaptive governance.

Evaluation at the regional level has a critical role to play in reviewing the KI NRM Plan’s goals, objectives and strategies, ensuring they continue to reflect the best available knowledge and understanding as well as the community’s vision for natural resources management in the region, while also reflecting our broader commitments to sustainability (e.g. conservation of nationally and globally threatened species). Effective monitoring and evaluation should trigger a review and amendment of the objectives if new information results in a fundamental change in the understanding of the dynamics of regional and subregional systems.  


Natural Resources Kangaroo Island made good progress towards delivering on the KI NRM Plan 2009-2019. Achievements between 2017 and 2018 include: 

  • 187 glossy black-cockatoo nests protected from possums, feral bees and corellas
  • 2,469 walkers completed the KI wilderness trail
  • 1,267 marine pests removed from 50 boats and KI infrastructure
  • KI became the largest island in the world to eradicate feral goats
  • 2,054 hectares of weeds controlled
  • 8 hectares revegatated with 4,339 seedlings of 57 plant species
  • 3,813 vehicles and 12,406 passengers checked for biosecurity incursions
  • 73 KICE students learnt about rapid pH mapping and low stress stock handling techniques
  • 74 land managers were supported to undertake best practice NRM
  • 1,250 seagrass sprigs planted by 46 community volunteers and KICE students
  • soil tested on more than 10,333 hectares on 21 properties
  • 35,770 hectares surveyed for weeds of national significance
  • 161 hectares surveyed for marine psets at high risk sites

Details of our progress and achievements in natural resource management across KI can be found in the Working Together: achievements 2017-2018 report.


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