A new plan for Kangaroo Island, 2017-2027

Our vision

Kangaroo Island retains its distinctive nature while its thriving community and vibrant economy are underpinned by a healthy resilient environment that is collectively managed for the benefit of all.

Our region's plan

Having a healthy environment and natural resources supports the well-being, happiness and lifestyles of the community base and is fundamental to the sustainability of Kangaroo Island’s industries. 

The Kangaroo Island Strategic Natural Resources Management (KI NRM) Plan 2017-2027 sets the strategic direction for managing the Island’s natural resources for the benefit of the community and its environmental, cultural, social and economic future.

The Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board Business Plan 2019 - 2022 outlines the anticipated income and expenditure of the KI NRM Board for the period, details Natural Resources Kangaroo Island’s Implementation Plan for the 2018-19 financial year, and includes the KI NRM Board’s Water Affecting Activities Policy for water resources management on the Island.  You can download the Water Management on Kangaroo Island FAQs here .

The KI NRM Plan was developed by the Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board in partnership with the Island’s broader community and key agency stakeholders through an extensive consultation process that ensured the plan was developed from the ground up. It includes the community’s long term vision for life on the Island, which translate into five over-arching goals that are supported by high-level objectives and multi-level strategies to achieve the vision.

The plan is a regional one and everyone has a role to play in its implementation. The plan identifies leads and key partners for all of the strategies and the KI NRM Board will be working with all stakeholders to support the implementation of the plan.

Climate change adds an additional challenge and layer of complexity to how we approach natural resources management on the Island and this plan seeks to understand and address both the challenges and the opportunities that result. If we are to thrive in the future we need to ensure effective and indeed inspirational co-operation and collaboration between all stakeholders.  Find out more about climate change and how this might affect KI.

A series of discussion papers were developed on the 'Big Issues' raised by the community during the planning process. These form the backbone of the strategic plan and provide important background information and evidence.

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