Kangaroo Island Local Achievers NRM Award nominations are open until 1 December 2017

The Kangaroo Island Natural Resource Management Board would like to acknowledge and celebrate natural resource management on Kangaroo Island (KI).  The awards recognise the achievements of Kangaroo Islanders who contribute their time, energy and resources to sustainably managing our land, water, soil, plants and animals – caring for and maintaining the island’s wonderful natural environment.

If someone you know is doing a great job of looking after their backyard, please nominate them for an award.  This might include replanting native vegetation, caring for a coastal patch, taking steps to improve water quality through fencing off riparian vegetation, working to control and eradicate weeds, building soil organic matter and preventing erosion, raising community awareness about environmental issues, or monitoring and protecting local wildlife.

There will be four categories:

  • Community NRM Project Award
  • Outstanding Individual Award
  • Sustainable Primary Production Award
  • Sustainable Tourism Award

The 2017 Local Achievers NRM Awards will be presented at the KI Australia Day celebration in conjunction with the KI Council’s Citizen of the Year Awards. The ceremony will be held at Hope Cottage, Kingscote on January 26, 2018. 

Who can enter and how?

Anyone involved in caring for Kangaroo Island’s natural resources, including landscapes, water, soil, plants and animals, can nominate for an award. The awards are open to individuals, groups, organisations and business enterprises.

Download the Kangaroo Island Local Achievers Natural Resource Management  Award Guidelines and Kangaroo Island Local Achievers Natural Resource Management  Award Entry Form here. 

For further information please call (08) 8553 4444 or email heidi.groffen@sa.gov.au

Entries close on 1 December 2017 

Read about the previous 2015/16 award winners below.

The winner of the Community NRM Project Award was Agriculture Kangaroo Island.

They have been involved in:

  • Water management, weed control, reducing soil erosion, addressing problems of salinity and soil acidity, and encouraging sustainable land management practices.
  • They have extensively engaged with the farming community and other stakeholders their email network, regular newsletters, an annual trial booklet, local newspaper articles, conferences and field days.
  • Through their engagement they have encourage the uptake of sustainable land management across the island. 

The winner for the Sustainable Primary Production Award was Sue and Andrew Bigwood from SnowDragon Wines.

  • SnowDragon Wines is a boutique vineyard on the north coast of Kangaroo Island that has been producing fine red wines for nearly two decades.
  • The Bigwood family strive to demonstrate that excellence in primary production can go hand in hand with land restoration and diverse wildlife habitat. They believe in a “whole farm approach” with diversity and landcare key to achieving the best produce for the long term.
  • The Bigwood’s manage weeds, pests, water, disease and pasture, revegetation of creeklines

The winner of the Sustainable Tourism Category was Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures.

  • They have offered more than 10 years of truly natural and unique wildlife experience. They hold eco certification ensuring their product is well managed, and committed to sustainable practices. They have a strong partnership with the Kangaroo Island/Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch, supporting ‘citizen science in action’. They aim to raise awareness of their visitors and the community. 

The winner of the Outstanding Individual Award was Richard Glatz.

  • He is a nationally recognised entomologist who has worked with industry and government and conducted 18 years of largely self-funded research into the insect ecology on KI as it applies to NRM and conservation.Over 40,000 specimens have been collected.This has led to the discovery of a new moth family on KI.

This year the Board decided that one nomination was worthy of a special Lifetime NRM Achievement Award.

This Lifetime Achievement was won by a couple that has contributed to our community for many years and are a source of great enthusiasm and passion for environmental projects.

The Lifetime NRM Achievement Award this year was won by Bev and Dean Overton. 

They have been:

  • instrumental in improving the condition of, and knowledge about the Island’s native vegetation for over 35 years
  • members of the KI Animal and Plant Control Committee, the Bridal Creeper Control Committee and the KI NRM Board’s Biosecurity Advisory Group
  • They are founder members of the Friends of Cape Gantheaume Group and the KI Fauna and Flora Club
  • Under taken research and published reports
  • Published two editions of “Discover Kangaroo Island’s Native Plants”
  • Continue to research the distribution and density of weed species including the South Australian Orchid
  • Mentored younger scientists, local students and the community.


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