Kanga Tales E-news

Kanga Tales is our quarterly eNewsletter informing you about what we have been doing and what we are about to do as well as a sneak preview and review of up and coming and past events respectively. if you would like to receive the next issue of Kanga Tales direct to your inbox, you can subscribe here

Kanga Tales E-news Winter 2019

  • New Presiding Member
  • Launch of the NPWS SA
  • AgKI Conference
  • New biosecurity signage at Cape Jervis
  • New round of On-Ground Works Funding
  • Get your orders in for 2020 - Native Vegetation Nursery 

Kanga Tales E-news Autumn 2019

  • Biosecurity – Rabbit and Tree Surgeons
  • Future Proofing Agriculture on KI nears completion
  • Lonzar Discovery Walk, tribute
  • Dudley Peninsula Fire Management Plan & Prescribed Burns • Marine Mammals – boat stickers available
  • Focus on: Weeds – the one-leafed Cape tulip
  • Growing KI! A new newsletter to be launched to support KI’s primary producers
  • New funding options to help Glossy Black-cockatoos!

Kanga Tales E-news Summer 2018/19

  • Landscape SA update
  • Toxic mode activated on Felixer™ grooming traps for first time on KI in the battle to eradicate feral cats
  • Focus on the Fire Team
  • Further projects approved and new projects starting on Kangaroo Island
  • Focus on KI’s Native Vegetation: Narrow-leaved Mallee 
  • Native Vegetation Council launches eNewsletter!
  • Events preview
  • Events review

Kanga Tales E-news Spring 2018

  • DEW news goes live
  • Biodiverse carbon farming comes to KI
  • New funding from the Regional Land Partnerships Program
  • Flinders Chase nears its centennial
  • Do the right thing!
  • Events Review
  • Summer holidays
 Kanga Tales E-news Autumn 2018 
  • National Landcare Program 2 - funding bids 
  • Soil acidity champions 
  • Adventure Farmer program 
  • A day in the life of the Flinders Chase Visitor Centre 
  • Glossy Black-cockatoo Recovery Program update 
  • Events review 
  • Events preview 

 Kanga Tales E-news Summer 2017-18

  • Get to know your Board
  • New fish for KI discovered
  • Welcome to the summer Koala field team
  • Cygnet River video
  • Soil secrets out now
  • Coming events

Kanga Tales E-news Spring 2017

  • Islanders walk KI Wilderness Trail for half price
  • Watch the Scratching the Surface: Soil Biology in Agriculture presentations
  • Water management on Kangaroo Island
  • Launch of the new KI NRM Plan
  • KI Native Plant Nursery closing 31 August
  • Flinders Chase National Park cafe and visitor centre closure dates
  • Events

Kanga Tales E-news February 2017

  • Learn about regenerative agriculture from Joel Salatin 
  • 29th Annual long-nosed fur seal pup survey 
  • NRKI and KICE working together to engage students in nature  
  • Caltrop weed infestation 
  • Soil testing time! 
  • Events 

Kanga Tales E-news November 2016

  • KI landholder weed workshop, 24 November 2016 
  • Congratulations Seal Bay Conservation Park 
  • 1 hoodie, 2 hoodie, 3 hoodie, 4.... 
  • Biodiversity surveys 
  • Events

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