Water management

Kangaroo’s Island water resources are fundamental to the community and local industry. The majority of surface water on the island (in streams and lagoons) is usually plentiful in winter but is confined to semi-permanent creeks and waterholes during summer months, when it also becomes increasingly saline. Ground water on the island is also generally saline.

Some of the island’s rivers and streams are in better condition than many other parts of the state, reflecting the fact that broad scale landscape clearance for agricultural development occurred only in the past few decades. Consequently, there have been less water resources development, few significant in-stream structures and relatively intact riparian vegetation along significant lengths of watercourses within private property. There are also still large areas of native vegetation within protected areas such as under Heritage Agreements or conservation reserves.

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island works to ensure the equitable management of water quality and quantity to sustain natural ecosystems, industry, agriculture, human consumption and other urban and domestic uses on the island. For more information about water management on Kangaroo Island, see the Natural Resource Kangaroo Island water management fact sheet.

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