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SA Parks open for locals to visit, campsites to close
27 March 2020

all campgrounds in SA parks will close, along with DEW-managed hut and homestead accommodation. Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, Seal Bay, Naracoorte and Tantanoola Caves and Old Adelaide Gaol will close also in the interests of public health and safety.

Bushcraft expert visits KI
23 March 2020

British survival TV personality Ray Mears travelled to Kangaroo Island recently to meet with locals and check in on the glossy-black cockatoo population following the bushfires.

Work underway to protect KI's waterways
16 March 2020

As attention turns from emergency relief to the long-term recovery of KI, Natural Resources Kangaroo Island (NRKI) has begun a new project, working with landholders to reduce the risks of water contamination in farm dams and priority water courses.

Key scientists to establish KI wildlife recovery plan
25 February 2020

Some of Australia’s leading ecologists will gather with government representatives, conservation groups and landholders on Kangaroo Island to further develop a recovery plan for bushfire-affected wildlife and threatened species.

Agricultural tech day set to help KI farmers in bushfire recovery
25 February 2020

A tech-focused agricultural event is set to highlight the cutting edge of tools and tech in the agricultural world, whilst also an opportunity for farmers to get together to discuss bushfire recovery

Kangaroo Island natural resources management enters new era
16 February 2020

Kangaroo Island natural resources management will enter a new era with the appointment of Andrew Heinrich as the Presiding Member to lead the new Kangaroo Island Landscape Board.

Join the Landscape Board for KI!
15 February 2020

Find out what you need to know to become a new landscape board member

Seal Bay closure - 31/01/2020
30 January 2020

Seal Bay closure - 31/01/2020

Feral pigs targeted on Kangaroo Island
30 January 2020

Feral pigs on Kangaroo Island will be targeted in a new operation to reduce their numbers and prevent them from hindering the island’s environmental recovery.

Keep biosecurity in mind when helping KI
23 January 2020

There has been an outpouring of love and support for Kangaroo Island following the devastating bushfire over the festive season, but among the donations and offers of help, some may inadvertently harm the long-term future of the island.

Displaying 1 - 10 of 257 items

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