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Time to grow your biodiversity?
10 October 2018

Kangaroo Island is home to many vulnerable species of native Australian plants and Natural Resources Kangaroo Island has been working hard to increase the populations of some of these often overlooked beauties.

Do the right thing: Help keep Kangaroo Island’s marine environment pristine
19 September 2018

Locals and visitors are reminded how to help keep Kangaroo Island’s pristine waters rich in biodiversity and abundant with marine life.

The secret’s out: KI proving popular with the film industry
13 September 2018

The many iconic sites and natural attractions of KI have long been known in tourism circles and it seems we are now becoming increasingly popular with international film crews too!

Do the right thing: Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility
17 August 2018

Kangaroo Island is currently free of many pest plants and animals found around Australia, biosecurity on our Island is very much about ‘prevention is better than the cure’.

Do the right thing: the benefits of native vegetation are clear
09 August 2018

Kangaroo Island’s reputation is built on its natural environment, recognised for being the last bastion for a number of endangered animal species, but did you know that we are also the last refuge for many native plant species?

KI Marathon - Road Closures
06 August 2018

Flinders Chase National Park will have a partial closure on 1st Sept to accommodate the KI Marathon

Do the right thing – don’t be a damned nuisance
27 July 2018

Part of our compliance series; advice on dam building

Compliance series: Do the right thing!
27 July 2018

Introduction to our compliance series

A shave closer to fundraising goal for Thin Green Line
26 July 2018

Having smashed his initial $1,000 fundraising target, Natural Resources Kangaroo Island Fire Management Officer Anthony Sandeman has enlisted the help of Thin Green Line Foundation founder Sean Wilmor to aim for a new goal of $2,500

UPDATE -Flinders Chase National Park - Sites reopen
23 July 2018

UPDATE -Flinders Chase National Park - Sites reopen

Displaying 1 - 10 of 206 items

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