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Landholder opportunity to learn more about sustainable farming sector
17 October 2019

The Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board has invited Land to Market Australia to share its insights into changing market demands within the environmentally sustainable farming sector.

Cat fence goes to council
05 September 2019

The application for the feral cat fence, that will aid the ambitious Kangaroo Island Feral Cat Eradication Program - the largest of its kind in the world, has been submitted to the KI Council.

New presiding member for KI NRM Board
12 August 2019

New presiding member for KI NRM Board

New biosecurity signage helps protect our borders
26 June 2019

With increasing options for getting to Kangaroo Island the KI Natural Resources Management Board has taken steps to work with new ferry company Kangaroo Island Connect to ensure the island’s biosecurity is protected.

Feral Cat eradication on the Dudley Peninsula set to begin with launch of new projects
19 June 2019

Two new projects, The Safe Haven for Threatened Species Project and The Wildlife Detector Dogs Project, are set to begin the eradication of feral cats from the Dudley peninsula this June.

Workshop brings top conservation minds to help save the KI dunnart
12 June 2019

The Kangaroo Island dunnart, a tiny carnivorous marsupial, has rarely been seen in the last 20 years, but that elusiveness is not enough to discourage a major push to conserve the endangered species

Respect marine mammal’s personal space
15 May 2019

As we approach the time when southern-right and humpback whales will be migrating past our shores, the winter breeding season for the Australian sea lions and the dispersal of long-nosed fur seals away from their breeding areas, we ask that you respect our marine mammals and don’t put them, or yourselves, in danger.

Good farm stewardship a clear way to add value
15 May 2019

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island, AgKI and PIRSA recently hosted a workshop to discuss stewardship and accreditation options for the island’s producers as part of the Future Proofing Agriculture on KI Project.

Dudley Peninsula Fire Management Plan open for public consultation
06 May 2019

The South Australian Government is seeking public feedback on a new draft 10-year Fire Management Plan for the Dudley Peninsula on Kangaroo Island.

New feral pig policy
29 April 2019

A new policy for feral pigs has been approved by the Minister for Environment and Water seeking to reduce the numbers of feral pigs in established populations, prevent new populations and prevent domestic pigs being released.

Displaying 1 - 10 of 241 items

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