Creating a safe haven for the Kangaroo Island Dunnart and other priority threatened species by eradicating feral cats

The ‘Safe Haven for Threatened Species‘ Project will be delivered over  four years and will build on the work already undertaken by the Feral Cat Eradication Program.  


The KI Echidna is a EPBC-listed species
The KI Echidna is a EPBC-listed species

This project will create a permanent safe haven for the endangered Kangaroo Island Dunnart, and other EPBC-listed species such as the KI Echidna and hooded Plover, by eradicating feral cats from the Dudley Peninsula, an area of 37,000 hectares of mixed bushland, coastal and agricultural landscapes at the eastern end of the island. The peninsula will be isolated from the remainder of the island by a cat barrier fence built across the narrow isthmus to prevent reinvasions from the west. Feral Cats will be eradicated using trapping, baiting and shooting methods, and eradication will be verified by detector dogs. Populations of threatened species and rodents will be monitored to measure the outcomes of the eradication. 

The project will help deliver the largest feral cat eradication program ever undertaken on an inhabited island. 

This project directly aligns with the Threatened Species Strategy, which aims to eradicate feral cats from five nominated priority islands and cull 20 million feral cats on Australia by 2020.


Southern brown bandicoot
Southern brown bandicoot, another EPBC-listed species at risk from Feral Cats on KI


The eradication plan for the eradication on the Dudley Peninsula is a document that will be used to guide the operational plan, how we will carry out the eradication. This plan was prepared for the Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board by consultants, Envisage Environmental Services, a copy of which can be downloaded here



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