Kangaroo Island native plant nursery

About the nursery

The Kangaroo Island (KI) Native Plant Nursery and seed bank was originally established at Parndana School with the help of Greening Australia to supply seed for direct seeding program for farms in that area.

The nursery has in excess of 50,000 tubes of island provenant plants – approximately 70% of these fill orders and the remaining 30% are available for general purchase.

About the plants

The nursery offers well over 100 different species of KI native plants which can be used for re-vegetating land, windbreaks, coastal plantings and home garden use.

The primary species of plants available are eucalypts, acacias and melaleucas. Many of these have specific requirements about where they grow and some are listed as rare or endangered on KI.

Opening times

The nursery is located at 22b Telegraph Road, Kingscote and is open between 21 May and 29 August during 2019, two days a week, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Tuesdays 9 am-1 pm.

Thursdays 9 am-5 pm.

All other times open by appointment only or if the nursery gates are open please feel welcome to drop in.


For larger orders of 300 or more plants, we collect seed from around the area where the plants are to be grown, to ensure that provenance is continued. Plants grown from provenance seed have excellent survival rates as their genetics are adapted to tolerate those particular environmental conditions.

Orders for stock are taken from 1 July to be ready for the following winter’s planting season. Please download the 2019 order form here

Prices 2019

Under 50 tubes/pots in total

Plant in 50mm black tube  $3 ea
Plant in 50mm green tube  $4.50

50 plus tubes/pots in total

Plant in 50mm black tube $2.20 ea

All prices include GST.

A range of guarding materials and stakes are available to purchase from the nursery.

Further information

Enquiries can be made at any time of year to the Nursery Coordinator by calling 0437 322 692 or contacting Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Centre.

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More information

  • NRKI Native Plant Nursery Coordinator
    22b Telegraph Road, Kingscote
    (08) 8553 4444