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Caroline Schaefer has been appointed by the Minister for Environment and Water as the Presiding Member of the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board.

Her role will be to support the establishment of the new Landscape Board and implement the government’s NRM reform agenda. Caroline has also been appointed to oversee the Northern and Yorke NRM Board as a single member board up until 1 July 2020. This will involve administering the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 in the lead up to the commencement of the new Landscape South Australia Act 2019.

This arrangement ensures certainty and a smooth transition for communities and land users across the regions, with current NRM services continuing to be delivered as normal until new the Act officially commences.

Following 1 July 2020, the NRM Act and Board will no longer exist and be replaced by the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board, with Caroline as presiding member. For more information visit  

Caroline Schaefer

Caroline Schaefer

Presiding Member, Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management Board

Caroline previously served as the Presiding Member of the Northern and Yorke NRM Board from 2010 to 2014. Caroline has held many positions in previous governments, including Primary Industries Minister and Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Affairs, throughout her tenure as a member of parliament from 1993 to 2010.

Caroline lives in the Clare Valley where she also serves on the Yorke and Mid North Regional Development Australia Board.