Our region's plan

The Northern and Yorke (NY) Regional Natural Resources Management (NRM) Plan guides how the land, water, biodiversity, marine and coastal environments are managed in our region.

The NY NRM Board developed the plan in consultation with the community and key stakeholders. The plan encourages people to work together to protect and enhance our natural ecosystems while sustaining the region's primary production, local economies, social and community well-being.

The long-term vision of the Regional NRM Plan is 'A prosperous sustainable region, rich in diverse natural resources that are valued by an informed and passionate community.' The plan sets goals and targets to achieve this vision. It guides the allocation of the NRM levy and other funding to NRM programs that are priorities of the community and legislative responsibilities of the Board.

The plan is delivered by Natural Resources NY through a diverse range of programs and projects that combine the priorities of the community with the legislative responsibilities of the board.

The NRM Plan is made up of four volumes:

The Business Plan is a stand-alone document that identifies investment priorities for the next three years. This is a ‘rolling’ document, meaning that it is reviewed and updated each year.

The Regional NRM Plan is aligned with the State NRM Plan South Australia 2012-2017.

Copies of the NRM Plan are available in hard copy format from our Natural Resources Centre.

What does the Business Plan deliver for our region?

The Board has prepared an information sheet which highlights some of the key recent natural resources management achievements delivered through investment of NRM levies in 2015-16. You can access the document here: Spotlight on our NRM levy at work