Our region's progress

The Regional Natural Resources Management (NRM) Plan sets targets for how the environment should be managed in the Northern and Yorke region. Our vision for the environment in our region is 'Working together for a healthy and productive environment'.

Across the Strategic and Business Plans, goals have been set in three areas, each with four sub-goals. 

  • Goal 1 - Working Together
    • Goal 1A - Better Ways: Continual improvement of strategic natural resource management planning and delivery
    • Goal 1B - Aboriginal NRM: Aboriginal people continue to care for Country and share their natural resource knowledge
    • Goal 1C - Collaboration and Partnerships: Communities and organisations collaborating with a common agenda and achieving sustained natural resource outcomes
    • Goal 1D - Monitor and Adapt: Manage our natural resources for future viability and optimise outcomes through an adaptive management approach

  • Goal 2 - Healthy Environments
    • Goal 2A - Healthy Ranges: Improve existing levels of ecosystem function in the Southern Flinders Ranges and maintain existing levels of ecosystem function in the Mid North Ranges
    • Goal 2B - Healthy Plains: Reinstate and maintain ecosystem function and services within the Southern Yorke Peninsula to support ecological and community values
    • Goal 2C - Healthy Coasts: Adaptive management of the physical coastal landscape to support ecological and community values
    • Goal 2D - Healthy Gulfs: Maintain and improve ecosystem function of Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent

  • Goal 3 - Sustainable Use
    • Goal 3A - Agricultural Systems: Agricultural systems are productive and operate within the needs and constraints of natural ecosystems
    • Goal 3B - Grazing Systems: Grazing systems are productive and operate within the needs and constrains of natural ecosystems
    • Goal 3C - Water: Water resources are managed within the constraints and needs of natural ecosystems and the community
    • Goal 3D - Urban and Industry: Urban and industrial development is sustainable and operates within the needs and constraints of natural systems

There are two types of targets in the NRM Plan:

  • Resource Condition Targets (RCTs) are long term and reflect the desired state of our natural resources
  • Management Action Targets (MATs) are shorter term and represent ‘stepping stones’ of achievement toward improving the condition of the natural resources.

Details of these targets can be found in Summary of the planned long term RCTs and MATs.

How we are progressing toward our targets is measured through monitoring and reporting activities.

Progress so far

So far, we’re pleased that progress has been made against the MATs set in the NRM Plan, with the majority on track or ahead of schedule.

Our success is a whole-of-region achievement. We would like to acknowledge and thank the contributions of:

  • Northern and Yorke NRM Board
  • Land managers
  • Volunteers
  • NRM groups
  • Local action planning groups
  • Local government
  • Community groups
  • Non-government organisations
  • Industry groups
  • Government departments.