Our region's progress

The Regional Natural Resources Management (NRM) Plan sets targets for how the environment should be managed in the Northern and Yorke region. Our vision for the environment in our region is as 'a prosperous sustainable region, rich in diverse natural resources that are valued by an informed and passionate community'.

In the NRM Plan, targets have been set in six areas:

  • Healthy soils – the sustainable management of soil resources
  • Viable water resources – the sustainable management of water resources
  • Healthy coastal, estuarine and marine ecosystems  – the sustainable management of the coastal landscapes
  • Healthy terrestrial ecosystems – management of biodiversity and landscape connectivity
  • Minimal pest impact – management of biosecurity and pest impacts
  • Community driven NRM – community engagement, awareness and capacity building.

Within the NRM Business Plan, themes have been developed covering five areas:

  • Productive partnerships –building capacity and connections within the community.
  • Catchment connections – an integrated approach to on-ground work in catchment areas.
  • Coasting along – an integrated approach to on-ground work in priority coastal sites.
  • Life on the edge – managing our roadsides for environmental outcomes.
  • Must do management – delivering the board’s legislative responsibilities across the region.

There are two types of targets in the NRM Plan:

  • Resource Condition Targets (RCTs) are long term and reflect the desired state of our natural resources
  • Management Action Targets (MATs) are shorter term and represent ‘stepping stones’ of achievement toward improving the condition of the natural resources.

Details of these targets can be found in Summary of the planned long term RCTs and MATs.

How we are progressing toward our targets is measured through monitoring and reporting activities.

Progress so far

So far, we’re pleased that progress has been made against the MATs set in the NRM Plan, with the majority on track or ahead of schedule.

Our success is a whole-of-region achievement. We would like to acknowledge and thank the contributions of:

  • Northern and Yorke NRM Board
  • Land managers
  • Volunteers
  • NRM groups
  • Local action planning groups
  • Local government
  • Community groups
  • Non-government organisations
  • Industry groups
  • Government departments.