Coast and marine

The coastal zone is one of the Northern and Yorke region's greatest assets. A place of environmental value, the coast also attracts people for recreation and lifestyle.  The coastline spans almost 1400 kilometres including beaches, cliffs, sand hills, surf, estuaries, mangroves, tidal mudflats, sampire, salt marshes and sea meadows.

Successful management of coastal areas depends on understanding the different uses of coastal land and the physical processes impacting on the coast. Natural Resources Northern and Yorke encourages the community to foster an attitude of sustainable use of coastal resources and to take appropriate action to reduce human impact on fragile coastal environments.

We support community driven initiatives to restore and rehabilitate degraded coastal environments including management of marine debris, Mount Remarkable to the Sea, beach daisy and hooded plover monitoring.

Northern and Yorke Coastal Management Action Plan:
Open for public consultation

The draft of the Northern and Yorke Coastal Management Action Plan 2019 is now open for public consultation. Read the draft plan. Any specific feedback can be directed to Mick Durant, Greening Australia via or telephone (08) 8372 0193.

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