Land management

Sustainable land management is important in the Northern and Yorke region. Managing the environment in a way that is sustainable ensures productivity now and into the future. It also means we are all working towards the achievement of the aims for the region as detailed in the Natural Resources Management Plan. Local staff and visiting technical experts aim to help land managers by providing advice, specialised technical support, information sharing and assistance across a range of fields.

  • Soil management
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Native vegetation management
    The Senior Vegetation Consultant supports industry with specialist advice, knowledge and assistance with funding applications regarding vegetation, biodiversity and land management initiatives in the region.
  • Bush management
    Advice and support is available for land managers and the community to conserve and manage native plants and animals in the region. This includes the identification, protection, recovery and threat management for native species and their habitats. Help is also available for the development of landscape scale management plans for priority areas, approval and implementation of Heritage Agreement Management Plans, native vegetation clearance applications, bush management funding applications and scientific programs.

Sustainable land management is underpinned by the region's sustainable soil and water conservation action planning. For more information, please contact us.

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