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Campfires in National Parks
15 April 2019

The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) extended the Fire Season in some districts due to continuing dry conditions across many areas of the state.

Take care of native vegetation when removing stony reefs
09 April 2019

Farmers are being warned to take care not to remove valuable native vegetation when clearing stony reefs in their paddocks in order to make cultivation simpler and to unlock land that's previously been regarded as non-arable.

Cactus and boxthorn a thorn in the side
06 March 2019

Over 20 landholders from Peterborough, Jamestown, Orroroo, Burra, Mintaro and Yunta recently attended a workshop at the Peterborough Tennis Club, followed by practical demonstrations along the Parnaroo Stock Route to learn about management and control of wheel cacti and boxthorn.

Landholders unite against feral foxes and wild dogs
27 February 2019

A group of 20 landholders from Yunta, Dawson, Peterborough, Orroroo, Pekina, Eudunda and Burra recently attended a workshop in Peterborough to hear about predator control for improved agricultural production from the State and National Wild Dog Coordinators.

Last week of summer is fox bait distribution week
06 February 2019

Fox baits will soon be available for purchase, and property owners are being encouraged to coordinate their efforts for best results.

Native wildlife thrives with reduction in fox numbers
05 February 2019

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke staff are once again joining forces with landholders across Southern Yorke Peninsula to roll out the Baiting for Biodiversity fox control program.

Unique partnership to deliver Great Southern Ark project
31 January 2019

A number of organisations have joined forces to develop and deliver the Great Southern Ark: the Rewilding of Southern Yorke Peninsula landscape recovery project.

Innes National Park is the place to be in January
24 December 2018

Innes National Park will be a hive of activity throughout the month of January, as it is celebrated as Park of the Month – an initiative encouraging children and families to get into South Australia’s outdoors.

100 landholders' gates open for Baiting for Biodiversity program
04 December 2018

Since Yorke Peninsula's Baiting for Biodiversity (BfB) program commenced in 2008, impressive outcomes have been achieved.

Now's the time to get on top of silverleaf nightshade
20 November 2018

Landholders in the Northern and Yorke region have been urged to take steps to look for and control the pest plant silverleaf nightshade before deep roots form.