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Rare opportunity to explore historical shipwreck at Innes
05 August 2019

Recent Southern Ocean storms, heavy seas, high winds and large swells have combined to remove sand from Ethel Beach and fully expose the wrecks of the Ethel sailing ship and S.S. Ferret coastal steamer, at Innes National Park on southern Yorke Peninsula.

Celebrate 2019 NAIDOC with event in Clare
26 July 2019

To celebrate NAIDOC 2019, Natural Resources Northern and Yorke and the Clare and Gilbert Valley’s Council have teamed up to bring a number of guest speakers, performers and stall holders to Clare.

Neighbouring landholders unite against sly fox
23 July 2019

Landholders across the Northern and Yorke region are encouraged to manage fox baiting with their neighbours and register for the coordinated baiting program this spring.

Herbicide injection guns used to help with blitz on weeds
18 July 2019

Staff from Natural Resources Northern and Yorke have been using injection guns as an innovative way to efficiently control wheel cactus along the Barrier Highway, from Terowie to Paratoo, in the Southern Flinders Ranges.

Dam! Don’t forget your permit.
11 July 2019

Landholders planning to build a structure or carry out activities that may impact on water resources are reminded that before embarking on any work on their land that might be considered ‘water affecting’ they should first seek advice from Natural Resources Northern and Yorke (NRNY) staff.

Landholders encouraged to control horehound now
24 June 2019

Landholders across the Northern and Yorke region are urged to act now to control horehound (Marrubium vulgare), a noxious perennial weed first introduced to Australia as a medicinal herb in the early nineteenth century.

Twenty years of volunteering recognised with prestigious award
18 June 2019

Volunteers from the Friends of Burra Parks groups and staff from Natural Resources Northern and Yorke recently ran a working bee at Pualco Conservation Park in the Rangelands, around 100 kilometres north east of Burra.

Mount Remarkable National Park is the place to be in June
05 June 2019

Mount Remarkable National Park will be hive of activity throughout the month of June as it is celebrated as Park of the Month – an initiative encouraging children and families to get into South Australia’s outdoors.

Wedge-tailed eagles are natures pest control
22 May 2019

With lambing season underway across the Northern and Yorke region, it is timely to remind land managers about some of the factors related to lamb mortality.

Pinery regreening continues
14 May 2019

About 8500 native plants were given to landholders affected by the 2015 Pinery bushfire at the latest landscape recovery plant giveaway.