Last week of summer is fox bait distribution week

Fox baits will soon be available for purchase, and property owners are being encouraged to coordinate their efforts for best results.

To maximise the positive agricultural and environmental outcomes of reduced fox numbers, 1080 fox bait will be supplied to landholders at a subsidised rate as part of a coordinated approach across the district. 

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke Landscape Ranger Cameron Watson said foxes were one of the world’s most successful predators, costing Australian farmers more than $227 million a year in lost production.

“For farmers to increase their lamb marking percentages, an effective fox control program is essential,” Mr Watson said.

“Throughout the year however, foxes have a huge impact on Australia’s biodiversity and agricultural production through spreading diseases and weeds that can entail costly control methods, along with predation on native fauna such as ground nesting birds, small mammals and reptiles.”

“Foxes don’t stay inside property boundaries, so coordinated control programs across neighbouring properties, whether they’re lambing or not, brings the best results as it lowers the overall fox population.”

Best practice for a fox baiting program is to bait for one month twice a year – around autumn to target young foxes finding new territories, and around spring when females are breeding and are under the greatest food stress. 

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke staff can help you and your neighbours plan a coordinated program. 

Landholders need to register and pre-order 1080 baits to participate in the program. Pre-ordered fox bait can be collected from one of 8 distribution points, located across the Northern and Yorke district for your convenience. 

Dates and locations as follows:

Wednesday, 27 February BalaklavaSports Club 10.00 am
Marrabel Institute 12.30 pm
Manoora Oval 2.30 pm
Thursday, 28 February Jamestown Football Club 10.00 am
Georgetown Institute 12.00 pm
Crystal Brook Oval 3.00 pm
Friday, 1 March Spalding Institute 10.00 am
Clare Oval Grandstand 12.30 pm

For help to plan your fox control program and for details about cost of baits, distribution centres and other information, contact the Natural Resources Centre in Clare 8841 3400 or  


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