Development of next generation property management planning

The Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management (NY NRM) Board is committed to increasing the level of engagement with primary producers to create effective partnerships to manage the region’s NRM assets and increase the sustainability of the agricultural sector.

Improving sustainability and increasing production need not be mutually exclusive; one mechanism to develop complementary outcomes is through property management planning (PMP) principles. The PMP program works with land managers to deliver landscape scale change, which is aligned with key outcomes identified through regional planning activities. Many advances in knowledge, management philosophy and technology (including engagement tools) have occurred in the 15 years since the last iteration of the PMP program in our region.

This project will focus on identifying the resources and methodologies required to successfully engage land managers in the southern Flinders Ranges to achieve landscape scale change in line with NRM outcomes.

What is being done?

Preliminary market research is required for:

  • determining the level of demand for planning assistance
  • re-scoping the program’s content and delivery mechanisms
  • aligning the program with South Australian and NY NRM targets and objectives.

The key things currently affecting agricultural production and sustainability are:

  • climate variability
  • increasing numbers of difficult to control weeds and herbicide resistant weeds
  • total grazing pressure
  • the need to act at a landscape scale to achieve effective NRM outcomes (e.g. coordinated vertebrate pest control, strategic revegetation).

Funding partners

  • State NRM Program – Sustainable Dryland Agriculture Initiative