Improving pasture sustainability and production through production zoning

With the increasing costs of cropping and highly variable rainfall in parts of the upper north of the Yorke Peninsula, an increasing number of producers are considering removing their poorer soils/paddocks from cropping and returning them to permanent grazing. These areas will need to be managed correctly to ensure sustainable pasture production, greater biodiversity and adequate soil cover.

This project will deliver improved production, biodiversity and ground cover outcomes across large areas of unviable cropping land, through the extension and adoption of appropriate pasture and grazing management systems.

What is being done?

Initial work has demonstrated the benefits of pasture production zoning, however adoption has been slow. This new management system will require a significant change in the way land managers undertake pasture and grazing management, with substantial technical support required for individual landholders to help them plan and implement the new pasture and grazing system.


Upper North Farming Systems Group