Sustainable resource management though poultry and cropping collaboration

This project will introduce the Northern and Yorke regional farming community to the cross-industry applications of biochar for both production gains and sustainability. It will demonstrate the resource recovery, use-efficiency and soil health benefits of using biochar.

When used as a bedding substrate for poultry farming, biochar increases ammonia absorption and moisture retention, resulting in improved livestock production practices and reduced pollution.

The managed application of biochar in no-till cropping systems results in increased fertiliser use by crops. 

By demonstrating the cross-industry potential of utilising biochar in the poultry industry and subsequently as a cropping supplement, significant productivity gains are derived for both industries. At the same time, use of biochar by these industries improves environmental and agricultural sustainability because it:

  • is a soil conditioner and carbon sink
  • acts as a sporulation site and refuge for diverse soil microorganisms
  • reduces nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils.


South Australian No-Till Farmers Association