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Implementing the Regional Action Plan

The Regional Action Plan (RAP) can be used by a range of stakeholders who work in natural resources management (NRM) to identify local priorities and guide project design.

The RAP identifies:

  • the issues which are having the greatest impact on natural resources in different parts of the SA Murray-Darling Basin region
  • strategies and actions to address each issue
  • climate impacts and adaptation considerations
  • potential barriers to effecting change
  • stakeholders that do or could play a role.

When designing effective NRM projects some important aspects to consider include:

  • Multiple Benefits
    Does the project address multiple issues and deliver benefits for a range of values?
    These projects are likely to be more cost effective and have stronger stakeholder support.
  • Collective impact
    Who else is working in the area, and how can value be added to existing efforts?
    Projects developed and delivered in partnership are likely to achieve more, have a greater reach into the community, and be more sustainable.
  • Evidence based decisions
    Does the project use the best available information? Is the proposed approach appropriate and proven? Are there other ways of achieving the same outcomes?
    Trials may be useful to minimise risk where the potential impacts or outcomes are unknown.
  • Stakeholder engagement
    Who has a vested interest in the project? Are the community involved in decision-making?
    Engaging stakeholders early and involving the wider community will help identify potential concerns and improve public ownership of the solutions. ‘Better Together’ principles of engagement are described on the Better Together website.
  • Capacity building
    How does the project contribute to building the community’s capacity to manage the issue? Will the positive outcomes endure beyond the life of the project?
  • Adaptive management
    What are the desired outcomes of the project, and how will progress be assessed? What other options are available if desired outcomes aren’t reached or if unexpected changes occur?
    Flexibility and adaptability is needed in changing physical and political environment.

How will Natural Resources SAMDB be using the RAP?

Priorities identified in the Regional Action Plan will be used by the SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management (SAMDB NRM) Board to guide its investment, and by Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources staff to guide project design and partnerships.

The SAMDB NRM Board investment is outlined in its Business Plan and when available, funding opportunities provided or facilitated by the SAMDB NRM Board are advertised through the Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin website.

This website also details the projects and initiatives being delivered on behalf of the SAMDB NRM Board.