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Vision and goals for the region

A healthy, living landscape meeting the social, environmental, economic and cultural needs of the community, and ensuring the rights and wellbeing of future generations.

The following goals recognise the link between people, production and conservation:

  1. People taking responsibility for natural resources and making informed decisions
  2. Sustainable management and productive use of land, water, air and sea
  3. Improved condition and resilience of natural systems. 

The resource condition targets (RCTs) detailed below span the whole region in their focus. Each value has at least one associated RCT that has the underlying intent of maintaining natural resources in good condition through sustainable management, and improving those that are in a degraded condition. This is to be achieved while maintaining or improving socio-economic outcomes.

The RCTs in the SAMDB Regional NRM Plan are ambitious, challenging in nature and provide a broad indicator of health. They align with state-wide natural resources management targets that aim to result in healthy, functioning natural system.



W1: All water resources are managed sustainably by 2030
W2: Improve water quality to meet regional water needs by 2030
W3: Water is available and managed to enhance and maintain the ecological function and resilience of water dependent ecosystems by 2030


B1: Increase the ecological function and resilience of native ecosystems by 2030
B2: Native species and ecological communities at lower or no greater risk of extinction by 2030

Sustainable production (Land)

 L1: Protect and improve soil and land to support the productive capacity and natural resources of the region by 2030 


A1: Reduce net greenhouse gas emissions in the SA Murray-Darling Basin in line with state targets by 2030
A2: All natural resource managers have the capacity to adapt to climate change impacts by 2030


P1: People have the capacity to manage natural resources sustainably by 2030
P2: Increase protection and preservation of Aboriginal culture through participation of Aboriginal people by 2030
P3: All planning, policy and investment decisions consider natural resources management (ecological, social and economic) by 2030