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The South Australian Murray-Darling Basin region has diverse landscapes and natural resources, supporting a wide variety of livelihoods and lifestyles in its communities. This plan explores the values supported by natural resources and local priorities for natural resources management.

The Regional Action Plan presents natural resources management priorities for 11 subregions of the SA Murray-Darling Basin. The subregions represent social-ecological systems which are areas which have their own distinct landscape features and common social, cultural, economic and political conditions, contributing to their sense of community and shaping people's interaction with their environment.

The types of natural resources and the way they are used differs across the region, so the actions needed to maintain natural resources will need to be tailored according to the variation in land use. Focusing our efforts on the priorities identified in this plan will help to ensure that the values provided by our natural resources will be enjoyed by future generations.

To learn more about the key features of each subregion and natural resources management priorities, click on the relevant tile below.