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An internationally recognised wine grape growing region with strong farming heritage and traditions.

The area supports a diverse mix of land uses including viticulture, horticulture, livestock grazing, horse agistment and biodiversity conservation, with an increasing amount of land being used as lifestyle properties. Remnant grassy woodlands and temperate grassland ecosystems provide important habitat for native plants and animals.

This page provides an overview of the things people value about the landscapes, livelihoods and lifestyles of the Central Ranges subregion, what is driving change, and what needs to be worked on to ensure the values supported by natural resources persist into the future.

What makes this subregion special

Some of the features we value in Central Ranges that are supported by natural resources include:

  • Aboriginal cultural values.
  • wine and food tourism;  The Barossa is a “food bowl” of South Australia.
  • strong ties to German heritage and farming traditions, particularly viticulture, but also mixed farming and a diversity of farming uses
  • ‘Lifestyle’ values; scenic landscape and semi-rural living with a high level of services, within commuting distance of Adelaide
  • biodiversity conservation, including threatened species and ecological communities of national significance.

Drivers of change

The main drivers of change to natural resources identified in the Central Ranges are:

  • proximity to city and aesthetic values, contributing to an increase in property values and land use change (including urban growth)
  • growth in eco/agri-tourism
  • increase in trail bike use and 4WD recreation
  • climate change.

Impacts of climate change

Potential natural resource impacts of climate change projections in the Central Ranges include: 

  • declining winter rainfall and increase in daily mean, minimum and maximum temperatures
  • biodiversity at greater risk due to habitat fragmentation.

What we need to work on

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