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Central Ranges

Atmosphere:  Climate change adaptation

Foundational Priority

What is this issue

Building resilience to a changing climate.

Impacts of this issue

Climate has a major influence on the nature and distribution of the region’s native flora and fauna, its water regimes, farming systems and even settlement patterns.

Climate model projections 1, 2 indicate a warmer and, most likely, drier climate across the SA Murray-Darling Basin in future. Climate change will have major implications for the way that natural resources are managed, and the effects are already being felt by a number of industries and ecological systems.

The most significant impacts of climate change in the Central Ranges subregion include:

  • Declining rainfall and increased temperatures
  • Biodiversity at greater risk due to habitat fragmentation
  • Shifts in weed species' distributions
  • New and emerging pests and diseases

Natural resource managers play an important role in helping mitigate climate change, by reducing carbon emissions, and sequestering carbon in restoration plantings, crops and soil. Adaptation to future climates will, however, be necessary.

Adaptation actions that will help reduce the impacts of climate change in the Central Ranges subregion are given below.

Adaptation actions for the Central Ranges subregion

  • Bushfire planning; establish and implement bushfire management, response and recovery plans to reduce the risk of catastrophic biodiversity losses due to bushfire.
  • Improve water use efficiency, and manage water resources for the benefit of all users
  • Support land use planning that incorporates native vegetation protection
  • Buffer and link native vegetation, and monitor changes to species composition
  • Improve the identification, prioritisation and management of pest plants and animals.

Climate change is expected to exacerbate many existing NRM issues, such as habitat fragmentation, pressures on water resources, and bushfires. ‘Climate-ready’ actions - that build climate resilience and that will likely remain relevant under future climates – are incorporated within issues pages.

1Climate change in Australia: Projections for Australia’s NRM Regions

2 Building resilience to a changing climate—climate change adaptation plan for the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin

Strategies and Actions

See issues pages for specific climate-ready actions.