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Central Ranges

Sustainable-production:  Reducing the impacts of pest animals

Medium Priority

What is this issue

Overgrazing/damage by kangaroos, rabbits and goats (un-managed).

Impacts of the issue

Pests reduce pasture available for stock and increase management costs.  


  • Insufficient control of pests
  • Fecundity of pest species
  • Increased availability of water in the landscape (dams)

Who plays a role

  • Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
  • Landcare Groups
  • Landholders
  • Local Action Planning groups
  • Local Government (Mid Murray Council, Barossa Council, Adelaide Hills Council, Mt Barker District Council, Rural City of Murray Bridge)
  • Primary Industries and Regions SA
  • SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board 

Strategies and Actions

Build landholder capacity to manage pest animal species

  • Provide training in pest animal control methods such as warren destruction to improve the effectiveness of rabbit biological control for example
  • Connect landholders to pest control service providers, targeting absentee landholders
  • Facilitate community discussion on the impacts and management of over-abundant native animals and raise awareness of control programs

Improve planning and coordination of pest control across tenure

  • Undertake coordinated control across property boundaries targeting high value biodiversity assets
  • Monitor the condition of biodiversity assets to guide prioritisation of control activities
  • Monitor population density and growth rates of pest animals

Using policy/market instruments to manage the impact of over-abundant native species (e.g. kangaroos)

  • Review AMLR region's 'Over-abundant Native Species Management Strategy' in regard to its potential application in SAMDB
  • Incorporate strategies for managing over-abundant native species into National Park Management Plans
  • Facilitate community discussion on the use of shooters for pest control on public lands
  • Investigate alternative options for the management of nuisance native fauna (including corellas and kangaroos), such as sacrificial areas
  • Investigate and promote commercial harvesting and tourism/market opportunities for kangaroo meat

Manage the impacts of deer/pigs and prevent releases/escapes of farmed populations into wild populations

  • Undertake a review of current extension material available regarding the management of deer
  • Undertake a regional community attitude survey to gain a¬†better picture of current feral deer numbers and related management issues including disease spread
  • Participate in the review of the State deer policy and management strategy including an audit of deer farms and containment capacity
  • Participate and review outcomes of the national review of deer research and management
  • Review and influence or develop policy on pigs to reduce releases or escapes