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The vision: a clean and healthy atmosphere with effective adaptation to climate change.

We value clean air and a climate that supports our unique plants and animals, our farming systems, our lifestyles and wellbeing.

A changing climate will challenge our region's water resources, farming systems, biodiversity, infrastructure and communities’ well-being. The following is a summary of climate projections for the SA Murray-Darling Basin NRM region:

  • temperatures are projected to rise; by up to 1.3°C by 2030, and by up to 2.4°C or 4.5°C by 2090 (under RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 - low and high emissions scenarios respectively)
  • heatwave frequency will increase – consecutive days over 40°C
  • frost and freezing conditions will decline
  • rainfall likely to decline and become more variable across the region
  • River Murray flows to decline; potential reduction of 15 - 50% of average annual flow within 50 years
  • fire risk will increase (for both frequency and intensity)
  • sea levels will rise
  • ocean warming and acidification.

Helping our environment and communities adapt to this change is a focus of this plan, which includes actions aimed at building landscape resilience.

More information

For more information regarding climate change adaption following are some suggested links:

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  • actions in the SAMDB region and to download a copy of the SA Murray-Darling Basin Regional Climate Adaptation Plan click here
  • for regional 'SA Climate Ready' regional summaries visit Enviro Data SA
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