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The vision: a healthy and ecologically productive environment that sustains biodiversity and is valued by the community.

We value biodiversity of our natural areas and the services it provides; our unique native plants and animals and their conservation for future generations, recreation and tourism opportunities, aesthetic values, Aboriginal cultural values, and a range of ecosystem services.

Our region contains biologically rich wetlands, floodplains and aquatic ecosystems associated with the River Murray, large areas of mallee woodlands protected within public and private conservation reserves in the arid zones, extensive chenopod shrublands managed under pastoral lease in the north. The Mount Lofty Ranges is noted as one of 15 biodiversity hotspots nationally for its woodland and grassland vegetation communities.

Biodiversity assets include threatened ecological communities, threatened species and sites of national and international significance. Ecological communities that are threatened nationally include Peppermint Box Grassy Woodlands, Iron Grass Natural Temperate Grasslands, and Swamps of the Fleurieu Peninsula. The Coorong and Lakes Alexandrina and Albert is an internationally important Ramsar listed wetland.

There are a range of pressures that threaten biodiversity of our region, which are identified below.

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