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This Regional Action Plan (RAP) has been developed to guide the implementation of the SA Murray-Darling Basin Region’s 10 year strategic Natural Resources Management Plan by identifying natural resources management (NRM) priorities and actions at a localised scale. The RAP provides information that can be used by a range of individuals, groups and organisations with an interest in NRM, at local and regional scales, to:

  • guide investment priorities
  • inform project planning
  • form new partnerships
  • identify areas of shared interest.

The RAP is framed on broad community values supported by natural resources in 11 different subregions of the SA Murray-Darling Basin. It provides information on:

  • important features of different parts of our region – ecological and social, and what is valued by the community
  • what we most need to work on – that is, things exerting the greatest pressures on our natural resources, and our priorities for natural resource management
  • specific actions needed to address these priorities in each subregion
  • some of the barriers that need to be overcome for these actions to be effective
  • likely climate change impacts and adaptation needs
  • potential delivery partners.

Find out more about the Plan's development

If you are looking for more information on the Regional Action Plan's development click here, or to contact Natural Resources SAMDB planning staff click here