What is NRM?

Natural resources management (NRM) is an approach that aims to work together with the community, industry and three tiers of government to manage the environment in a way that achieves a balance between our collective need for resources and the needs of the environment. The roles and responsibilities within NRM are legislated under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004. There are a number of key organisations involved in the implementation of this Act.

NRM boards

There are eight NRM regions in South Australia. Each has a regional NRM board that is responsible for the development of the Regional NRM Plan for that region. This Plan sets targets for the environment in the region. It is developed and delivered in partnership with the community and stakeholders and aims to ensure that there is a balance between the needs of people and the environment.

NRM groups

NRM groups in regions provide an important link between local communities and the regional NRM boards. NRM group members are local people who ensure that there is community input into the development and delivery of the Regional NRM Plan. NRM groups also help people in the community to care for the environment and use natural resources sustainably by building awareness, skills and networks.

Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin

Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin is the agency that delivers a diverse range of programs and projects on behalf of the regional NRM board and Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources for the SA Murray-Darling Basing NRM region.