NRM groups

Our role

Natural Resources Management (NRM) groups provide an important link between local communities and the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board. NRM group members are local people who ensure that there is community input into the development and delivery of the Natural Resources Management Plan for the region. NRM groups also help people in the community to care for the environment and use natural resources sustainably by building awareness, skills and networks.

Our NRM groups

There are four NRM groups in the SA Murray-Darling Basin region:

  • Mallee and Coorong NRM group
  • Rangelands NRM group
  • Ranges to River NRM group
  • Riverland NRM group

Our meetings

Regular meetings are held around the region and members of the public are welcome to attend. For more information phone us on 8532 9100 or email

Our members

Mallee and Coorong NRM group

  • Roger Wickes (Chairperson)
  • Andrew Biele 
  • Stephanie Evans
  • Andrew Hansen
  • Daridyn Hayward
  • Carolyn Shaw
  • Yvonne Smith

Rangelands NRM group

  • Robert Perry (Chairperson)
  • Vic Breeding
  • Rachael Dittrich
  • Heidi Hodge
  • Trevor Preston
  • Leanne Stockman

Ranges to River NRM group

  • Shen Mann (Chairperson)
  • Warren Jacobs
  • Melissa Rebbeck
  • Phil Reilly 

Riverland NRM group

Group in recess.

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