About the NRM levies

Why do we have NRM levies?

Whether we work, live or play in the region the condition of our natural resources is critical to our lifestyle. We all benefit from clean air, good quality water, healthy soils and vegetation in the SA Murray-Darling Basin region and we also want our future generations to enjoy the lifestyles and environment the region provides.

Our natural resources benefit everyone, which is why we contribute to a natural resources management (NRM) levy.

What are the NRM levies?

The NRM levies support our region’s vision for a healthy living landscape for today and future generations. The NRM levies are a way for everyone share the cost of looking after our natural resources.

There are two NRM levies:

  1. The Regional NRM levy – based on rateable property value, collected via council rates.
  2. The NRM water levy– based on water licence and water allocation.

What are the NRM levies used for?

The NRM levy helps funds projects and activities that protect and enhance the region’s natural resources and encourages their sustainable use. This includes working with primary producers to achieve sustainable production and supporting efforts to protect and restore the environment. These activities include:
  • parks and sustainable landscapes
  • supporting land managers
  • pest management 
  • sustainable agriculture and irrigation
  • native species restoration and conservation
  • water planning and management
  • community engagement
  • planning and evaluation

More detailed information about these activities is available in the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board Volume B Business Plan

Do you have more questions about the NRM levies?

For our frequently asked questions document click here.