Consultation on the Draft 2019-20 Business Plan

The South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management (SAMDB NRM) Board is pleased to present a new draft Business and Operational Plan 2019–20 to 2021–22 for your comment.  The draft plan reflects the community driven strategies and actions in the region’s Strategic Plan and Regional Action Plan and demonstrates how the Board’s income is being used to deliver on key natural resources issues.

Please download the draft business plan and provide any feedback using the options below.

Download the Draft 2019-22 Business and Operational Plan

The management of the State’s natural resources is about to undergo significant reform. Through the intended introduction of the Landscape South Australia Act to Parliament in the first quarter of 2019, a number of changes are anticipated to the way we plan for and implement the management of natural resources across the state. The reforms offer an exciting opportunity to consider what is currently working well under the existing Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (the NRM Act) as well as simplify, remove or amend aspects that are overly complicated or impeding good on-ground outcomes.

While the new Landscape South Australia legislation is still being developed, the SAMDB NRM Board is continuing to operate in accordance with the NRM Act.  Under this Act, the Board must prepare and maintain a ten year Strategic Plan and a 3 year Business and Operational Plan.

The region’s 10 year Strategic Plan 2014-24 was prepared following extensive public consultation to ensure it balances the social and economic needs of the community with those of the environment. It identifies a long term vision for our region and the actions needed to maintain systems in healthy states. The SAMDB NRM Board’s Business and Operational Plan complements the Strategic Plan by setting out the practical, medium term priorities that the SAMDB NRM Board will invest in.

Providing Feedback

The SAMDB NRM Board invites you to make written submissions in relation to the proposed amendments to Business and Operational plan. This can be done by providing a written submissions in relation to the proposed amendments submitted to:

Regional Director
SA Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board
PO Box 2343
Murray Bridge SA 5253

Or by email to Amy Lee,

Written submissions must be received by 25th January 2019.

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